There are multiple calendars in use in Children of the Whales.

Chakuro and the others of the Mud Whales use the "Sand Exile" to characterize time, and the calendar is in its 93rd year at the story's beginning.

The Allied Empire uses the télos vrochí system to mark its time(likely counting the years since the Rain of Kathartírio), and is in its 1399th year at the story's beginning.

Both calendars use the twelve month system with months such as January, February, and so on.

Timeline Edit

  • Month 11, Year 77: Mayor Taisha disapears for a few days.
  • July 2, Year 93 of the Sand Exile: Lykos is found by Chakuro aboard the Nous battleship and brought back to the Mud Whale.
  • July 7, 93 SE: The Great Flying occured on the Mud Whale.
  • July 17, 93 SE: The second attack on the Mud Whale by the Allied Empire occurs.