Kanji サミ
Type Marked
Gender Female
Birthday August 17 (Leo)
Age 13
Status Deceased (Episode 3)
Professional Status
Affiliation Mud Whale
Personal Status
Relatives Suou (older brother)
Mother (deceased)
Friends Chakuro
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Hisako Kanemoto
English Christine Marie Cabanos
Actor Rina Miyazaki (2016)

Karin Takahashi (2018)

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Sami was a character in Children of the Whales. Sami was Suou’s younger sister and Chakuro’s childhood friend. Unlike Suou, she was one of the Marked who can wield thymia.

Appearance Edit

Sami had short blonde hair with bangs, and wore two ribbons on the sides of her head. She wore an yellow dress with a white shirt over it, and long white socks pulled up by ribbons. She had amber eyes and always had a smile on her face.


She was a friendly, naive and innocent girl who was always worried about Chakuro.


In the year of 90, Sami lost her mother. In an effort to comfort her, on the Flight of Lights, Chakuro carried her[1].

Plot Edit

Sami attended the funeral of Benihi, her former teacher. When Chakuro later ran into her, she told him to forget about Benihi, as thinking about death would mean that they would never have any peace. Sami later headed out on the expedition to the battleship Lykos, and inadvertently named Lykos after reading a label on her shirt and believing that it refers to her. Along with Chakuro, she brought Lykos to the infirmary on the island.

She headed out with Chakuro, Lykos, Nezu and Ro to see the Great Flying, but ran away from the group after Chakuro refused to carry her and called her heavy. The next day, she headed to the fields to work with Chakuro. There, they saw some strange shapes begin to appear from the Sea of Sand. The shapes turned out to be battleships sent from the ship Skylos, and they began to open fire on the inhabitants of the Mud Whale. Sami, sensing that something was wrong, shielded Chakuro with her body and was killed.

Later on, Chakuro saw her in a vision shown to him by Neri. She kissed Chakuro and told him that it was her dream to one day become his wife. Chakuro asked her to take him with her, but she said that he couldn't come with her, as he still had something to do (in the world of the living).


Chakuro - They were childhood friends. They had feelings for each other.

Lykos - Lykos was found on the ship where Nous Lykos lived. Sami was part of the group that had scouted there.



  • Sami was named after a color in Japanese meaning "light green" (asa=light, midori=green).[2]

References Edit

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