Kanji オルカ, Oruka
Type Marked
Gender Male
Birthday September 4 (Virgo)
Age 24
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Commander of the Falaina Extermination forces
Affiliation Allied Empire
Personal Status
Relatives Lykos (younger sister)

Unnamed parents
Itia (fiancée)

Manga Chapter 5
Anime Episode 2 (Flashback)
Episode 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Akira Ishida
English Kyle McCarley
Actor Daichi Saeki(2016)

Yu Imari (2018)

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Orca is a character in Children of the Whales. He is the Commander of the Falaina Extermination Forces and Lykos' older brother. He is also an ápostasía (άοστασία).


He has long white hair, red eyes, and tan skin. A distinctive scar cuts diagonally across his face. He wears a long black coat with red trimmings with a purple-red sash as a belt.


Orca has a calm demenor. He acts like one of the many people controlled by Nous with that calmness, but he still shows determination and dominance against the Council. He will defy any he can. Like Liontari, he has happiness or gruesome things and like Shuan, he shows little change in emotion over even the slightest thing, like Liontari's blade slicing his hair, or something bigger, like getting shot on the tips of his fingers by a gun.


At some point during the last seven years, he acquired the scar on his face, as it was not visible when he appeared in Lykos' memories seven years ago.

Plot Edit

He acts as the commander of the Falaina Extermination Forces sent to exterminate the inhabitants of the Mud Whale. Supposedly, he came up with the plot to ambush the Skylos Infiltration Force.

After the destruction of the Nous Skylos, Orca is tried and sentenced to death. However, Orca manages to escape his sentence by telling the council of the daimonas that was responsible for the destruction of the Nous, and how they must capture the daimonas in preparation for the second apocalypse. Orca lays the blame for the failure of the mission entirely on Arachni's shoulders, and Arachni ends up drawing a weapon and shoots off the ends of two of Orca's fingers when he believes Orca is going to draw a weapon on him. With that, Orca convinces the council that Arachni was at fault for having such poor control over his emotions.

He and Itia then head back to his room, where Itia discovers that Liontari is still alive.


Lykos Edit

Orca is Lykos' older brother. However, he does not seem to care about her very much. He seems willing to use her as a "research sample" on how the Falaina affects people.




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