Nous are a type of creature in Children of the Whales. Normally, they feed off of emotions in order to power ships in the sea of sand and give it's inhabitants the ability to wield thymia, though there is one exception. They show varying degrees of sentience, and in some cases are able to create humans.

Outside of the series "nous" (νόος) is a philosophical term relating to the capacity of the mind to understand what is "true" or "real," and each nous bears a Greek name.

Appearance Edit

They have incredibly varied appearances. One, Nous Lykos, resembles a pulsating mass of glowing flesh. Another, the Nous Falaina, resembles a tentacled creature covered in greenery, and has eyes.

Abilities Edit

Nous serve as the "hearts" of ships on the sea of sand, and work to keep the ships afloat. Killing a Nous will cause its ship to sink. They also seem to give its inhabitants the ability to use thymia. In order to do this, ordinary Nous take from its inhabitants the ability to feel emotions. However, one Nous, Nous Falaina, takes its inhabitants' lifespan instead of their emotions in order to give them thymia..

Known Nous Edit

Each nous takes their name from a Greek word:

  • Nous Lýkos, from "Λύκος" : wolf
  • Nous Falaina, from "φάλαινα" : whale
  • Nous Skylos, from "σκύλος" : dog
  • Nous Karcharías, from "καρχαρίας" : shark
  • Great Nous Ánthropos from "ἄνθρωπος" : human

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