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Liontari is a character in Children of the Whales. He is an apátheia soldier of the Allied Empire known for his emotional instability.


Liontari has brown skin and bright golden eyes. He has bright pink hair that reaches down to his jaws. He wears a grey cloak with fur and a purple tunic underneath, and dark grey pants. After he became one of Orca's jesters, he wears a jester outfit. He has a very cat like appearance with supernaturally sharp teeth. He is often shown blushing.


When Liontari made his first pilgrimage to a Nous to drain himself of emotions as a child, something went awry. He stated that something flowed into him, and he could see into the hearts of others. He was ostracized by other children for these emotions, and at one point jumped out of a window to get away. He suffered injuries, but survived. After that, he was further ostracized by his family for bringing shame to them, and his personality began to become more twisted as time went on. Sometime before the start of the series, he and Lykos used to live in the same city, and were apparently friends. After that, he flunked out of the military academy due to his incompatibility with the Nous, and was transferred through multiple military units until he wound up in the Falaina extermination unit.[1]


Liontari is part of the Falau Extermination Unit led by Lykos' brother, Orca, and is present during the first attack. He revels in the slaughter of the Mud Whale citizens, attempting to kill Chakuro before Lykos stops him. After the first wave retreats, he talks to Orca about the attack and meeting Lykos on the Mud Whale.

Liontari returns to the Mud Whale during the second attack by the ship Skylos. He kills Elder Councilman Hakuji after he crawls away, and is shot with arrows by children of the Mud Whale. He then falls off the ship and into the sea of sand.

Later, he appears in Orca's quarters. It is revealed that Aíma saved him for some reason by taking him back to the empire on a gray fish, which was how he was able to survive. He desperately wishes to go back to the Mud Whale, and Orca tells him that he can, so long as he becomes his jester.



According to him, he was childhood friends with Lykos. However, his real feelings for her, whether romantic or otherwise, are still unknown. However, he has hinted to have a liking to her.


Liontari is shown hugging Orcas leg begging for him to let him go back to mudwhale. Orca said that if Liontari ever wants to get back to mudwhale he has to become his jester.



  • His name is Greek λιοντάρι (liontári)
  • In the Japanese version of the anime, he has the same voice actor as Deku (Boku no hero academia


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