Kanji クチバ, Kuchiba
Alias "Kucchi" (by Masoh)
Type Unmarked
Gender Male
Birthday June 30 (Cancer)
Age 39
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Mayor's Aide
Affiliation Mud Whale
Personal Status
Relatives Sumi (wife, deceased)

Kikujin (son)

Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Kousuke Toriumi
English Doug Erholtz
Actor Yu Kazuuchi
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Kuchiba is a character in Children of the Whales. He is one of the Unmarked of the island, and works as an aide to the mayor.




When he was younger, he was one of the candidates to become the island's mayor.

Plot Edit


Taisha - He has been in love with her for a long time. However, due to her position as Mayor, she would be unable to requite his feelings even if she knew of his love for her.

Sumi - Against his will, the Committee of Elders pushed for Kuchiba to marry Sumi due to her frail health. He didn't like her showing affection to him at first, but that seemed to change after she revealed to him that she too loved Mayor Taisha.


  • Kuchiba is named after a Japanese color translated as "decayed leaf brown."[1]
  • During the first attack by Skyros on the Mud Whale, his right arm was injured, leaving him unable to use it. [2]

References Edit

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