Kanji ハクジ, Hakuji
Type Unmarked
Gender Male
Age 72
Status Deceased (Episode 7)
Professional Status
Occupation Elder of the Mud Whale
Affiliation Mud Whale

Committee of Elders

Personal Status
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Eizou Tsuda
English Keith Silverstein
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Hakuji is a character in Children of the Whales. He is a memeber of the Committee of Elders and the most dead set on sinking the Mud Whale beneath the waves.

Appearance Edit

He wears the typical outfit of the Committee of Elders, and is balding, with his remaining grey hair reaching his shoulders.

Personality Edit

He was convinced that sinking the Mud Whale beneath the sand was the better than waiting for the invading soldiers to kill them. He does care about the people of the Mud Whale, and ends up giving his life to save some of his people.

Plot Edit

After the first attack on the Mud Whale, Hakuji and the rest of the council tell Suou of their plans to sink the Mud Whale beneath the sea of sand. When he refuses to comply, the council has Suou knocked out and imprisoned beneath the ship.

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