Kanji ギンシュ, Ginshu
Type Marked
Gender Female
Birthday May 8 (Taurus)
Age 16
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Vigilante Corps Member
Affiliation Mud Whale

Vigilante Corps

Personal Status
Manga Chapter 1 (Cameo)

Chapter 5

Anime Episode 1 (Cameo)

Episode 3 (Appeared)

Voice Actors
Japanese Mikako Komatsu
English Reba Buhr
Actor Makoto Koichi
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Ginshu is a character in Children of the Whales. She's a member of the Vigilante Corps that protects the peace on the Mud Whale.


Ginshu has long reddish brown hair, which she keeps in a messy braid with two braided looplets on top while the rest is loose. She wears a long red dress that is split halfway down and is in the style of the Mud Whale's Self-Defense Corps, with black shorts underneath, thigh-high black socks, and black sandals.


She does things at her own pace. She forces Chakuro to call her “Ms.Ginshu”. She has a habit of giving everyone nicknames, such as calling Chakuro, “Chakki”. She is also easily tricked, as shown when Chakuro gets her to fight the Self-Defense Corps for him. However, Ginshu is a charismatic and happy person, always ready to help her friends out.


Plot Edit

She first appears as one of the guards on the expedition to the mysterious floating island at the start of the story. She is properly introduced after the first attack on the Mud Whale, where she tries to cheer Chakuro up. Chakuro then tricks her into attacking the other members of the Vigilante Force so that they can sneak past her.


Chakuro - She forces him to refer to her as "Ms.Ginshu", while giving him a nickname he doesn't like. She is easily swayed by him calling her "Ms.Ginshu."


Trivia Edit

Ginshu is named after a Japanese color meaning "vermilion".[1]


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