I Wish to See What Comes of the Choice You Have Made is the ninth episode of the Children of the Whales anime. The remainder of Mud Whale's Skylos infiltration force confronts Commander Arachni near the Nous Skylos. Despite not being able to use Thymia, Ouni and Nibi show excellent cooperation and put up a good fight against the Imperial Soldiers. However...


Arachni continues to threaten Ouni. Meanwhile, back on the Mud Whale, the attack continues. Masoh, firing arrows from behind a barricade, finds himself weakening due to thymia overuse. Masoh then spots Kuchiba wandering towards the enemy forces, and calls out to him. Kuchiba ignores him, and picks up a sword, set on avenging Mayor Taisha. But before he can fight, Masoh strikes down the enemy forces with some arrows. One of the soldiers survives, and comments on how unseemly there emotions are. Kuchiba knocks off their mask, to reveal that the enemy was a young girl. She taunts them, asking if they can kill her, and Masoh kills her, stating that he'll avenge Mayor Taisha. Kuchiba wishes for it all to stop, and Masoh wonders what his daughter would have been like, had she survived.