As Chakuro, Ouni, Lykos, and the rest of the infiltration force prepare to take off, the Mud Whale is attacked by the soldiers of Skylos. The scene then cuts to the Skylos' commanders, and a strange device is seen that is used to control the Nous Skylos. The Skylos invaders reach the Mud Whale, and Nibi ends up tagging along with the infiltration force. Aima sings a song as the attack begins.The fighting on the Mud Whale begins, with causalities on both sides. Meanwhile, the infiltration force manages to fight off the soldiers of the Skylos, and proceed deeper into the ship. Arachni orders that Lykos be killed alongside the other intruders from the Mud Whale. Suou goes off on his own once he hears that the invaders have managed to infiltrate one of the towers. Elder Hakuji manages to protect some of the children from the invading soldiers, plunging off of a tower together with them. Suou runs over to him as he lays dying, as hears his last words before Liontari appears and finishes him off. Suou attempts to fight back using a sword taken from the invaders, but is brutally defeated. Right before Liontari kills Suou, Shuan stops him. The raiding party, meanwhile, has gotten closer to the Nous. They split into two parties: one to destroy the Nous, containing Tokusa, Urumi, and Lykos, and another to guard the entrance, containing Chakuro, Ouni, Ginshu, and Nibi. Lykos notices that there is a disturbing lack of guards in their way. Right as Lykos' party nears the Nous, the soldiers of the Skylos launch a surprise attack, and Chakuro rushes off to see what happened. It is then revealed that the attack killed everyone but Lykos and Urumi.