The Allied Empire is a country in Children of the Whales. It is made up of multiple nations, all of which sacrifice their emotions to the Nous. People with emotions are seen as abnormal. The ancestors of the people of the Mud Whale were originally from this country.

Customs Edit

During childhood, it is customary for inhabitants of the Allied Empire to make a pilgramige to the Great Nous Anthropos in order to sacrifice their emotions.

It is taboo for them to spill any blood in the presence of a Nous.

The only names that they take are those of animals or numbers.

The Unmarked, those unable to use thymia and give their emotions to a Nous, are looked down upon and discriminated against.

Legends Edit

They believe that long ago, heaven tore off a piece of is body and scattered it across the land, causing the extinction of the "old and evil" civilization. They refer to this event as the "Rain of Kathartírio". After that, they send praises to the Nous, the "Body of God" and decided to exchange their hearts in return for their power. Thus, two kinds of human were born: the angels of the Nous, the Marked, and those who were not, the Unmarked.

Power Edit

The Allied Empire currently possesses a total of nine Nous-powered battleships. Inhabitants of the Empire can also use thymia, with the Unmarked making up a minority.