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Kanji エマ, Emma
Gender Female
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Mud Whale
Personal Status
Relatives Neri (twin sister)
Anime Episode 5 (cameo)

Episode 6

Voice Actors
Japanese Ai Kakuma
English Cassandra Morris
Actor Miku Oono (2016, 2018)
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Aíma is a character in Children of the Whales. She is a mysterious person connected to the Nous of the Mud Whale and the twin sister of Neri.


She appears identical to Neri, except her hair is a dark red and the dress she wears is black.


Aíma has a the exact opposite personality of Neri. While Neri is shy and reserved, Aíma is forward and chaotic. Aíma is also much more willing to reveal the secrets of the Mud Whale or show off her powers than Neri.

History Edit

Some time before the start of the series, she and her twin sister were supposedly birthed from the Mud Whale's Nous, Fáláina.

Plot Edit

Aíma first appears after Neri has been absorbed into the Nous. She appears in front of Chakuro and promises to reveal the secrets of the Mud Whale to him if he survives the upcoming battle, and then grows wings and flies into the air laughing.

During the second battle on the Mud Whale, she is seen singing on top of a large grey fish that rose out of the sea of sand. While singing, her wings appeared, and glowing hands started to form and travel all over the Mud Whale.


Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the other inhabitants of the Mud Whale and her twin sister, Aíma is named after a Greek word, similar to the Nous and the people of the Allied Empire.
  • Her name comes from αίμα, the Greek word for blood.
  • In Volume 4, a line from Olivinis suggests that "aíma" is a generic term for something on-board the Nous ships.
  • Liontari calls her a "mágissa", with is the Greek word for witch.
  • She may have the ability to reanimate the dead, as the sunfish that she was previously standing on (and what carried Liontari to safety) was later revealed to be dead.
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