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• 5/12/2018

Why was Shuan's wife told to commit suicide?


The night before the empire attacked Falaina, Sienna was told to not leave a displeasing corpse behind. Then, during the last episode, Shuan says, "You'll feel better if you pretend it has nothing to do with you." He was speaking to Ouni, who replied, "So that's how you lived." Shuan then had a flashback of Sienna tearing up and him slicing the grass. Can someone explain the symbolism and reason behind all this? ;w;
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• 11/11/2018

He told Michelle to kill herself as to not be killed in the upcoming war and not tarnish her beauty and told them to cut a strand of hair for him to remember her by. And remember Shuan was part of another ship at one point having his emotions taken by the Nous, that's why he says he won't be there for her sendoff and is extremely heartless and would kill anyone who got in his superiors name. last thing, he didn't stop anyone but Ouni only because he posed such a threat to his bosses there was no reason to stop anyone else. If you ever need information just ask me. (Ouni, Liontari and Shuan are my favourites)

• 11/11/2018

*would kill anyone in his superiors name*

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