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• 3/26/2018

Season 2?

I have recently finished watching Children of the Whales for about 2-3 days, and I'm so ready for the second season release! Unfortunately, I think all the killing and the blood splatters have driven me to numbing my mind and increasing my insanity for the number of gruesome killings that have happened in the first few episodes. Then it calms down into negotiating with new alliances and learning about the history behind Falaina.

Still, I would love to see what Orca's plans of attack are and how is he going to capture Ouni. I don't want to read the manga to reveal any spoilers that may happen in the upcoming Children of the Whales Season 2.
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• 3/30/2018
I thought the anime was ahead of the manga?
• 7/11/2018
There's going to be a season two? This anime/manga has such a small fandom so I barely find anything on it when I search for it. Can you link me to the official release date?
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